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Geography 1.4 Contents


  1. Introduction to Geography
  2. Geographic and Māori Concepts
  3. Topographic map skills 1: Symbols, direction, distance, scale, grid references, relationships and patterns, calculating area
  4. Topographic map skills 1 practice
  5. Topographic map skills 2: Précis maps, height on maps, drawing a cross-section, latitude and longitude
  6. Topographic map skills 2 practice
  7. Other types of maps: Weather maps, choropleth maps
  8. Tables and graphs: Tables, graphs, graphing rules
  9. Visual skills: Photographs, précis sketches, cartoons and visuals
  10. Perspectives, values and viewpoints
  11. Case study 1 – Awhitu-Waiuku
  12. Case study 2 – Hong Kong

Answers and Maps