Bringing the skills of the maths curriculum to life!

Izak9 is an award-winning, problem-solving maths resource suitable for students aged 8-14+.

Developed, created and manufactured in Northern Ireland by Qubizm, Izak9 consists of 27 brightly coloured cubes - each face featuring different a combination of colour, number and shape.


  • Provides a shared learning environment rich in problem-solving, reasoning and fluency, where children can develop teamwork and resilience.

  • Accompanied by an online portfolio of support material containing animated tasks, tiered questioning, lesson planner and support videos.

  • Tasks and questions include content from all strands of the primary maths curriculum: Number (including Algebra), Measurement and Geometry, and Statistics.


Is there proof that Izak9 works?    YES!

How to Purchase

You can easily buy Izak9 today by selecting one of the 3 package options below. However, more substantial orders can be made by contacting your local Education Consultant.