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Maths Aotearoa - Charlotte Wilkinson

Making teaching and assessing maths skills easier!

Maths Aotearoa - Charlotte Wilkinson - available from Edify

Maths Aotearoa is the new, updated edition of the well-loved and trusted Pearson Mathematics series.

All Student Books and Teacher Books are being brought up-to-date to reflect developments in the New Zealand curriculum and include Learning Progressions for each unit, as well as concept development and key knowledge building for each chapter, along with:

  • More teacher professional content knowledge building
  • Figure it Out links added to each chapter throughout the Teacher Books
  • Wilkie Way support material for each chapter
  • Learning Outcomes shared in student language for each chapter in the Student Book.

Looking for Levels 3 and 4? The original editions are published by Pearson.  Link here

Maths Aotearoa - Charlotte Wilkinson - available from Edify

Charlotte Wilkinson is a private education consultant specialising in the teaching and learning of mathematics. She has been a classroom teacher with experience in New Zealand and the UK across the primary age range from New Entrant to Year 8 as well as a deputy principal, and has also taught teachers at tertiary level. She is an MOE accredited facilitator for in-school professional development.

Charlotte is the author of Maths Aotearoa, the new, updated edition of the well-loved and trusted  Pearson Mathematics series, for New Zealand schools and is the coordinator and author for the foundation phase of the One Africa Numeracy Project. She designs and produces numeracy resources under the registered trademark The Wilkie Way.