Continuing Life Processes, Ecology and Evolution

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Continuing Life Processes, Ecology and Evolution
Integrated Text and Workbook Edition for NCEA Level 3 Biology
Rachel Heeney and Peter Shepherd
330 pages   

ISBN: 9780947496623

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A complete text and workbook package for NCEA Level 3 Biology


Continuing Life Processes, Ecology and Evolution presents material in a way that meets the needs of all groups of students, allowing them to understand the important principles of biology and how the scientific process works.

Each of the Achievement Standards for NCEA Level 3 Biology is covered with an emphasis on gaining a solid understanding of the principles and processes involved.



  • Extensive practice in answering biology questions from multiple choice, cloze activities and true/false exercises through to in-depth discussions and practical activities
  • A great variety of activities from relevant contexts
  • NCEA-style questions and practice exams
  • Ideas, tips and examples to unpack the meaning of each Standard
  • Photos, diagrams and images to help explain key concepts
  • Feature articles on New Zealand scientists, showing the fascinating applications of biology in the real world


What's New?

  • Comprehensively updated to reflect changes in assessment and new developments in science
  • New profiles of scientists working in the field in New Zealand, and their work
  • Now an integrated text-and workbook so students are able to develop a full set of notes for exam preparation


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Answers to the workbook can be downloaded here:


About the authors

Rachel Heeney has had 25 years experience in teaching biology (and is still a full time Head of biology), and has met with many teachers throughout New Zealand to get a clear picture of the needs of the New Zealand biology students. She has been involved in many roles in biology education and here works with Professor Peter Shepherd to provide a cutting-edge approach to science with familiar NCEA-style and approachable language.


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