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Business Law in New Zealand, Second Edition 
An Introduction
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Jeremy Hubbard and Nicholas Smith

ISBN: 9780947496920

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Business Law in New Zealand - An Introduction (Second Edition) provides students with a straightforward overview of the legal environment within which businesses in New Zealand must operate.

This book covers the needs of business law courses within the Bachelor of Business, and can also be prescribed for other courses on law and mediation. In addition, it will be of use to anyone who needs to have an awareness of the legal duties associated with doing business in New Zealand and wishes to quickly grasp the essential aspects of the legal framework. The text is also suitable for tertiary courses in introductory business law generally.

Business Law in New Zealand - An Introduction deals with:

  1. the basis of New Zealand Law,
  2. the law of contract and torts, and
  3. particular aspects of business law.


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About the authors

Jeremy Hubbard is a Senior Lecturer in Business Law at Massey University’s Wellington Campus. As well as teaching the new ‘Business Law’ course, he teaches courses in employment law and mediation law. He has taught widely in several aspects of business law. He took his LLB at the London School of Economics (University of London) and his LLM at Victoria University of Wellington. He has published papers on immigration and was a co-author of Principles of Law for New Zealand Business Students and The Legal Environment of Business.

Nicholas Smith is a Senior Lecturer in Business Law at Massey University’s Albany campus. He teaches the ‘Business Law’ course and ‘Property Law’. He has also taught other business law courses at Massey. Nicholas studied at the University of Natal in Durban, South Africa, and lectured at the University of the Witwatersrand School of Law in Johannesburg until his move to New Zealand in 1998. He holds a PhD from the University of Auckland and has published articles on various legal topics, with a special emphasis on human rights theory. He co-authored, with Jeremy, The Legal Environment of Business.




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