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Accounting at Work, Sixth Edition 
VitalSource eBook
Mary Low and Howard Davey

ISBN: 9780947496425

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Life is a mystery to be lived; not a problem to be solved. But the aim of business is problem solving.  

Accounting at Work, now in its 6th edition, is written for students beginning a degree programme in business, commerce or management. It introduces students to the way accounting information is used not only to solve problems, but to structure problems so that they can be solved. 

Accounting at Work implies an active role for accounting in business, government and society. Its broad coverage of both financial and management accounting, and its coverage of ethics, tax matters and sustainability reporting, makes it an ideal introduction for management students who wish to understand how accounting will affect their decision making and how it can be their ally in problem solving.

It covers the use of accounting by business owners, investors, creditors, government officials and other stakeholders to ensure the success of businesses in achieving their objectives. It develops skills in the application of accounting and non-financial information in the setting, and effective achievement, of plans and targets, and ultimately in assuring sustainable businesses. 

New to the 6th edition:

  • The material has been re-arranged to assist the logical development of its coverage
  • New examples and questions have been introduced in the text and at the end of chapters
  • Completely up-dated to capture the new regulatory framework governing accounting practice
  •  Whole chapters on ethics, sustainability and integrated reporting to reflect current concerns of stakeholders




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