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Student and Teacher Supplements


For students and teachers of this resource, we have devised a series of quizzes and worksheets to help you or your students study and pass exams.  You can find these materials at the links below.


Food Safety Worksheets

Worksheets for use in class or as homework, for each book chapter and arranged by the NZQA Units 167, 168 and 20666. 


  • Full set of worksheets, download here.  Download and print the whole set to use as needed.
  • Find the specific worksheet you need on the linked table of contents here. Click on the chapter heading you need and download or print the specific sheets as required.
  • The Answer Sheets are here.



Food Safety Interactive Quizzes

The worksheet material is also available as interactive quizzes, for use on your computer or smartphones.


  • Perfect for self-study
  • Try your best with the answers
  • Submit and then click "View Accuracy" to see your results.
  • Take each mini test as many times as you want.
  • Find the quizzes you need on the linked Table of Contents here.  
  • Just click on the heading you need to go straight to your quiz.

We hope you enjoy these free resources; please get in touch if you have any questions or comments. Email: