Year 11 Measurement


Year 11 Measurement
1st Edition
David Barton
120 pages approximately

ISBN: 9780947494780

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Available Term 4 2024

The Edify Year 11 Workbook series is written for Level 6 Mathematics and Statistics in the New Zealand Curriculum. It adheres to the new approach from the Ministry of Education, where the pendulum has swung back towards the importance of students learning from the whole curriculum rather than cherry-picking a few Achievement Standards. These workbooks are composed of complementary units that, when used together, provide a complete solution for students and teachers. 

There are 5 workbooks in this series, to correlate to the five curriculum strands: Number, Algebra, Geometry, Measurement, and Statistics and Probability. 

These workbooks can be used alongside the other elements of the Edify Year 11 Mathematics package: 

  • The Edify Year 11 Mathematics Digital Resources

  • Additional student resources, such as spreadsheets and data sets available at

There is extensive space for students to write answers, including working. The tasks are graded in order of difficulty, and applications are set in a contemporary New Zealand context.

All five workbooks offer comprehensive coverage of the updated curriculum, with plenty of material for the externally assessed achievement standards, plus more open-ended tasks that can be used to prepare for the internally assessed components of NCEA.

The workbooks can be used for a combination of work in class and tasks covered in the students' own time. They feature in-depth explanations, worked examples and questions that are carefully graded in difficulty. All five workbooks include revision sections on skills, practice assessments and investigations.

Year 11 Measurement

Table of Contents

NCEA Level 1 Mathematics and Statistics based on Level 6 of the Curriculum
1 Metric units
1A Metric units
1B Metric conversions – length units
1C Metric conversions – mass units
1D Metric conversions – area units
1E Metric conversions – volume units
1F Metrics – working with different units

2 Applications of metric units
2A Applications of metrics
2B Estimating measurements for everyday objects
2C Scales
2D Distance, velocity and time
2E Speed unit conversions
2F Distance–time graphs
2G Density

3 Perimeter, circumference and area
3A Perimeter
3B Circumference
3C Area of simple quadrilaterals
3D Area of the circle
3E Compound areas

3F Surface area of cuboids and prisms
3G Surface area of curved solids
3H Applications of area

4 Volume and capacity
4A Volume of prisms
4B Volume of cylinders
4C Volumes of pyramids, cones and spheres
4D Applications of volume
4E Capacity

5 Pythagoras
5A Pythagoras statements
5B Using Pythagoras to calculate sides of triangles
5C Applications of Pythagoras
5D Extensions of Pythagoras
5E Properties of triangles

6 Using trigonometry
6A Using trigonometry to calculate sides
6B Using trigonometry to calculate angles
6C Applications of trigonometry in two dimensions
6D Estimation and appropriate precision in trigonometry
6E Vectors and bearings

7 Three dimensions
7A Calculating lengths in three dimensions
7B Surface area of pyramids
7C Calculating angles between lines and planes in three dimensions

7D Angles between lines and planes in three dimensions
7E The angle between two planes
7F Mixed contexts in three dimensions
7G Applications of Pythagoras and trigonometry in three dimensions

8 Practice assessments
8A Practice assessment 1
8B Practice assessment 2
8C Practice assessment 3
8D Practice assessment 4
8E Practice assessment 5
8F Practice assessment 6
8G Practice assessment 7
8H Practice assessment 8

9 Investigations
9A The speed camera
9B The flooded carpark
9C The flying fox
9D Unpacking the parallelogram
9E Designing a carpark
9F Wallpaper calculations
9G The perfectly frictionless elastic billiard table
9H The dentist’s chair
9I A child’s playpen
9J Area and perimeter of polyominoes
9K Paddling across the lake
9L The house roof

9M The steepest street in the world
9N Backyard swimming pool
9O Escalators


Unlucky month of Sundays
Happy birthday to me
Tax Freedom Day
New Year’s Day and New Year’s Eve
A square with an equilateral triangle inside
The four-leaf clover

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