Year 11 Geometry


Year 11 Algebra
1st Edition
David Barton
120 pages approximately

ISBN: 9780947494766

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Available Term 4 2024

The Edify Year 11 Workbook series is written for Level 6 Mathematics and Statistics in the New Zealand Curriculum. It adheres to the new approach from the Ministry of Education, where the pendulum has swung back towards the importance of students learning from the whole curriculum rather than cherry-picking a few Achievement Standards. These workbooks are composed of complementary units that, when used together, provide a complete solution for students and teachers. 

There are 5 workbooks in this series, to correlate to the five curriculum strands: Number, Algebra, Geometry, Measurement, and Statistics and Probability. 

These workbooks can be used alongside the other elements of the Edify Year 11 Mathematics package: 

  • The Edify Year 11 Mathematics Digital Resources

  • Additional student resources, such as spreadsheets and data sets available at

There is extensive space for students to write answers, including working. The tasks are graded in order of difficulty, and applications are set in a contemporary New Zealand context.

All five workbooks offer comprehensive coverage of the updated curriculum, with plenty of material for the externally assessed achievement standards, plus more open-ended tasks that can be used to prepare for the internally assessed components of NCEA.

The workbooks can be used for a combination of work in class and tasks covered in the students' own time. They feature in-depth explanations, worked examples and questions that are carefully graded in difficulty. All five workbooks include revision sections on skills, practice assessments and investigations.

Year 11 Geometry

Table of Contents


NCEA Level 1 Mathematics and Statistics based on Level 6 of the Curriculum

1    Geometry – an introduction

1A Geometric reasons for angle sizes

1B Different types of triangle

1C  Angles on parallel lines

1D Parallel lines – providing a chain of geometric reasons

1E Checking whether lines are parallel

1F Angle properties of polygons

1G Geometric proof

2    Transformations

2A Reflection

2B Rotation

2C Translation

2D Considering several congruence transformations

2E Symmetry

2F Transformation properties of quadrilaterals

2G Angles in special quadrilaterals

3    Enlargement and scale factors

3A Enlargement

3B Area and volume scale factors

4    Designs and transformations

4A Designs and transformations

5    Similar triangles

5A Similar triangles – equal angles

5B Similar triangles – sides in proportion

5C Calculating lengths using proportion

6    Three-dimensional shapes

6A Three-dimensional shapes

6B Sections

6C Isometric drawings

6D Views of shapes

6E Nets

7    Bearings

7A Bearings

8    Practice assessments

8A Practice assessment 1

8B Practice assessment 2

8C Practice assessment 3

8D Practice assessment 4

9    Investigations

9A Snowflake confetti

9B Ministry of Works

9C Designing logos

9D The chevron

9E Practical measurements of bearings

9F Combined transformations

9G Water wheel

9H The four-colour theorem

9I n-stars

9J Plus zero

9K Triangle trisection

9L Extreme arrowheads

9M Boggle

9N Gasket polygons



Mini-golf wheel

Inside the decagon

Behind the clock

The hexomino six-pack

The nine pathways

The coloured balls


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