Year 11 Algebra


Year 11 Algebra
1st Edition
David Barton
120 pages approximately

ISBN: 9780947494759

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The Edify Year 11 Workbook series is written for Level 6 Mathematics and Statistics in the New Zealand Curriculum. It adheres to the new approach from the Ministry of Education, where the pendulum has swung back towards the importance of students learning from the whole curriculum rather than cherry-picking a few Achievement Standards. These workbooks are composed of complementary units that, when used together, provide a complete solution for students and teachers. 

There are 5 workbooks in this series, to correlate to the five curriculum strands: Number, Algebra, Geometry, Measurement, and Statistics and Probability. 

These workbooks can be used alongside the other elements of the Edify Year 11 Mathematics package: 

  • The Edify Year 11 Mathematics Digital Resources

  • Additional student resources, such as spreadsheets and data sets available at

There is extensive space for students to write answers, including working. The tasks are graded in order of difficulty, and applications are set in a contemporary New Zealand context.

All five workbooks offer comprehensive coverage of the updated curriculum, with plenty of material for the externally assessed achievement standards, plus more open-ended tasks that can be used to prepare for the internally assessed components of NCEA.

The workbooks can be used for a combination of work in class and tasks covered in the students' own time. They feature in-depth explanations, worked examples and questions that are carefully graded in difficulty. All five workbooks include revision sections on skills, practice assessments and investigations.

Year 11 Algebra

Table of Contents

NCEA Level 1 Mathematics and Statistics based on Level 6 of the Curriculum
1 Algebraic terms
1A Algebraic terms and substitution
1B Multiplication and division
1C Addition and subtraction of like terms
1D Powers
1E Roots

2 Expanding and factorising
2A Expansions
2B Factorisation

3 Equations
3A Simple equations 1
3B Simple equations 2
3C Equations with like terms
3D Equations involving brackets
3E Only one solution?
3F Applications of equations

4 Straight lines
4A Rules for straight lines
4B Gradient
4C y = m + c
4D Intercepts and rearrangements

4E Matching lines and rules
4F Different scales on the axes
4G More than one rule
4H Applications of linear graphs

5 Quadratic expressions
5A Expanding quadratic expressions
5B Further quadratic expansions
5C Squaring brackets
5D Priority of operations
5E Mixed simplification
5F Cubic expansions
5G Factorisation of quadratics – basic
5H Factorisation of quadratics – special cases
5I Factorisation of quadratics – advanced
5J Miscellaneous factorising

6 Algebraic fractions
6A Simplification of algebraic fractions
6B Multiplication of algebraic fractions
6C Division of algebraic fractions
6D Addition and subtraction – same denominator
6E Addition and subtraction – different denominators
6F Simplifying fractions with common factors
6G Simplifying fractions with quadratics

7 Equations involving fractions
7A Equations involving fractions

7B Equations for sums and differences of fractions
7C Applications of fraction equations

8 Inequalities
8A Inequalities
8B Inequalities on a number line
8C Solving inequations
8D Applications of inequations
8E Inequations in two dimensions

9 Quadratic equations
9A The Null Factor Law
9B Solving quadratic equations by factorising
9C Rearranging quadratic equations
9D Forming quadratic equations
9E Applications of quadratic equations

10 Parabolas
10A Rules for parabolas

10B Parabola translations
10C Parabola compression, dilation and inversion
10D Parabola equations in factored form

10E Matching parabolas with quadratic rules
10F Applications of parabolas

11 Exponential expressions
11A Exponential equations – solving for the base

11B Exponential equations – solving for the power
11C Exponential patterns – using a multiplier
11D Exponential graphs

11E Translations and reflections of exponential graphs
11F Applications of exponential graphs

12 Formulae
12A Working with formulae

12B Changing the subject of formulae

13 Simultaneous equations
13ASimultaneous equations – adding to eliminate

13B Simultaneous equations – subtracting to eliminate
13C Simultaneous equations – adjusting coefficients
13D Simultaneous equations – substitution method

13E Simultaneous equations – graphic solution
13F Applications of simultaneous equations

14 Algebraic patterns
14A Linear patterns

14B Quadratic patterns

15 Optimal solutions
15A Optimal solutions for one variable

15B Optimal solutions for two variables

16 Assorted algebra questions
16A Assorted algebra questions

17 Practice assessments
17A Practice assessment 1

17B Practice assessment 2
17C Practice assessment 3
17D Practice assessment 4

17E Practice assessment 5
17F Practice assessment 6
17G Practice assessment 7

18 Investigations
18A Island Air
18B The paediatrician’s weight chart
18C The twelve days of Christmas
18D Tower of Terror
18E Barbershop tiles
18F Two cubes of cheese
18G Square flower patterns
18H Product = sum (711)
18I Prime numbers and multiples of 12
18J Three semicircles and a circle

18K Dominos
18L Intersecting roads
18M Squares in checkerboards

The used stereo
Old MacDonald leaves his farm
The apartment block
The innkeeper’s conundrum
Four hotels
Edward and the coffee mugs
Who goes to Mount Maunganui?
Add digits and square

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