Financial Capability

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Financial Capability
Managing your money: a learning workbook
John Duston
156 pages

ISBN: 9780947496524

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This new workbook brings together everything students in Year 9 and 10 need to know about money: understand how income, budgets, savings, debt and interest work, and learn how to manage your money safely. 

Working through the exercises and examples, students will gain a solid foundation from which they can investigate further and make good decisions in their financial journey.

The content of the workbook relates to and supports the teaching of Financial Capability Standards at all levels for:

  • The effect of life stages on personal income
  • Demonstrate understanding of credit and debt on personal finance
  • Evaluate options to increase personal income
  • Producing a budget
  • Select personal banking products in relation to personal finance
  • Analyse credit options and select strategies to manage personal finance
  • Demonstrate understanding of risk and return on investment


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About the Author

John Duston is a Commerce teacher and administration manager at St Cuthbert’s College in Auckland. Prior to teaching, he worked in the commercial world for eight years as a chartered accountant, a payroll clerk, and in sales and marketing. He is passionate about equipping youth and adults with the knowledge and skills to get them started off in the right direction in their money matters. Concerned about the increase in poverty and inequality, John is motivated to provide the appropriate financial literacy tools and knowledge to students before they enter the workforce, and also for adults and new arrivals to New Zealand.



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