Year 11 Number

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Year 11 Number
1st Edition
David Barton
120 pages approximately

ISBN: 9780947494742

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The Edify Year 11 Workbook series is written for Level 6 Mathematics and Statistics in the New Zealand Curriculum. It adheres to the new approach from the Ministry of Education, where the pendulum has swung back towards the importance of students learning from the whole curriculum rather than cherry-picking a few Achievement Standards. These workbooks are composed of complementary units that, when used together, provide a complete solution for students and teachers. 

There are 5 workbooks in this series, to correlate to the five curriculum strands: Number, Algebra, Geometry, Measurement, and Statistics and Probability. 

These workbooks can be used alongside the other elements of the Edify Year 11 Mathematics package: 

  • The Edify Year 11 Mathematics Digital Resources

  • Additional student resources, such as spreadsheets and data sets available at

There is extensive space for students to write answers, including working. The tasks are graded in order of difficulty, and applications are set in a contemporary New Zealand context.

All five workbooks offer comprehensive coverage of the updated curriculum, with plenty of material for the externally assessed achievement standards, plus more open-ended tasks that can be used to prepare for the internally assessed components of NCEA.

The workbooks can be used for a combination of work in class and tasks covered in the students' own time. They feature in-depth explanations, worked examples and questions that are carefully graded in difficulty. All five workbooks include revision sections on skills, practice assessments and investigations.

Year 11 Number

Table of Contents

Preface vii
NCEA Level 1 Mathematics and Statistics based on Level 6 of the Curriculum 1
1 Number concepts
1A An introduction 2
1B Integers 3
1C Multiples 4
1D Factors 5
1E Prime numbers 6
1F Prime factorisation 7
1G Priority of operations 8
1H Powers 10
1I Roots 11

2 Fraction concepts
2A Fraction concepts 12
2B Adding and subtracting fractions 13
2C Multiplying and dividing fractions 14
2D Fractions of quantities 16
2E Applications of fractions 17
2F Mixed numbers 19
2G Fraction–decimal conversions 20

3 Percentages
3A Forming percentages 22
3B Percentages of quantities 23
3C Applications of percentages 24
3D Percentage increases 25
3E Percentage decreases 27
3F Compounding increases 28
3G Compounding decreases 29

4 Rates and proportion
4A Rates 30
4B Ratio 32
4C Splitting amounts in a ratio 34
4D Ratio equations 35
4E Direct proportion 37
4F Inverse proportion 38

5 Financial mathematics
5A Money transactions 39
5B Best buy 40
5C Wages, salary and commission 41
5D Paying bills 42
5E Buying and selling 43
5F Simple interest 44
5G Compound interest 45
5H Borrowing – interest 46
5I Inflation 47
5J Delayed purchases 48
5K GST 50
5L Income tax 51
5M KiwiSaver 53
5N Exchange rates 54

6 Accuracy of measurement
6A Significant figures 56
6B Rounding 57
6C Limits of accuracy 58

7 Numbers in standard form
7A Standard form 59
7B Standard form calculations 61
7C Standard form applications 62

8 Number skills
8A Assorted number skills 63

9 Practice assessments
9A Practice assessment 1 75
9B Practice assessment 2 76
9C Practice assessment 3 78
9D Practice assessment 4 80
9E Practice assessment 5 82
9F Practice assessment 6 83
9G Practice assessment 7 84

10 Investigations
10A Cicadas and prime numbers 85
10B Spreadsheets of interest 86
10C Chicken Queen 88
10D The Big Mac index 90
10E Clearing the debt and paying off the mortgage 91
10F The flashing lights 92
10G Treasures Baby Club points 93

Answers 94
Edward and Grandma 4
One billion 10
Managing a dairy farm 36
Absolute difference triangles 55
What do the teachers drive? 56

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