Gamma Mathematics, 4e

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Gamma Mathematics
Fourth Edition
David Barton
602 pages 

ISBN: 9780947494599

Edify Limited ©2023

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The fourth edition of Gamma Mathematics has been completely updated and is written for Level 6 Mathematics and Statistics in the New Zealand Curriculum. It adheres to the new approach from the Ministry of Education, where the pendulum has swung back towards the importance of students learning from the whole curriculm rather than cherry-picking a few Achievement Standards. As such is it suitable for delivering a program of Level 6 Mathematics within the NCEA framework or for schools that work outside of that.

The content is colour-coded and organised into the five curriculum strands: Number, Algebra, Geometry, Measurement, and Statistics and Probability.

Gamma Mathematics 4e is a key component in the only current New Zealand-written secondary mathematics series. The cross-curricular applications are always grounded in an Aotearoa New Zealand context.

New to this edition

- The section for each curriculum strand starts with a Chapter on 'the basics'. For many well-prepared students, this will be assumed knowledge from Year 10. Others may benefit from tackling essential material from earlier years that provides a firm grounding before learning at Level 6.

- A new 'Connections' feature for situations where more than one branch of mathematics is involved.

- Expanded coverage of financial mathematics, including Kiwisaver, Buy Now-Pay Later.

- Increased inclusion of Te Reo and Aotearoa content.

- A revamped approach in Statistics and Probability - the emphasis is on interpreting data, comparing samples, and investigating strength of relationships.

- Many new exercises and interest features.

What has not changed?

- A rich selection of questions in each exercise, arranged in order of difficulty.

- Plenty of different applications that relate to student experiences in a New Zealand context.

- An eye-catching and readable design, with lavish use of illustrations and colour used in a functional way.

- A continuing emphasis on algebraic and other skills, that are so vital for students who take mathematics to higher levels.


This textbook can be used alongside the other other elements of the Gamma Mathematics package:

  • Edify Year 11 Workbooks – 5 workbooks covering the curriculum strands - Number, Algebra, Geometry, Measurement, and Statistics and Probability.
  • The Gamma Maths digital resource – contains a linked version of the Alpha Mathematics textbook, optimised for use in the classroom for 'front of class' teaching or by students on their own devices. This resource is available on a per student annual license.
  • Additional student resources such as spreadsheets, data sets and worked examples, are available to download here.




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