Beyond the Colour Line - Race and racism in Aotearoa NZ

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Beyond the Colour Line
Race and Racism in Aotearoa NZ
Roydon Agent
247 pages 

ISBN: 9780947494230

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BEYOND THE COLOUR LINE will help you gain a better understanding of how ideas and practices of race and racism came into being. It explores the history of racism, unpacks the theories that led to the idea of white supremacy, and how the notion was used to justify the brutal subjugation of the indigenous populations they sought to dominate and exploit for economic reasons.

Beyond the Colour Line also explores New Zealand’s history of racism. It pulls back the curtain on the British Crown’s betrayal of Te Tiriti o Waitangi, theft of Māori land, and the marginalisation and criminalisation of Māori. It also challenges the notion that the treatment of Māori should be a model for other countries to emulate.

Finally, Beyond the Colour Line is not just about the past; it is about the ‘here and now’ and the future. In the last section of the book, it looks at recent examples of racism and then offers suggestions, drawing on the wisdom of experts, on how to find a positive, meaningful, and lasting way forward.

Table of Contents:

1 – The Time Is Right
2 – The Seeds Of English Racism
3 – The Growth Of English Racism
4 – English Racism In The New World
5 – Race, The Bible And Science
6 – The Brutality Of British Racism
7 – Race: An American Obsession
8 – Racist Regimes and Eugenics
9 – Busting the Myth
10 – The Foundations Of Racism In Aotearoa
11 – Three-Pronged Attack
12 – Anti-Asian Racism
13 – A Stain On Our Nation’s Past
14 – The Government And Racism
15 – Targeting The Vulnerable
16 – Twenty-First-Century Racism In Aotearoa
17 – Crossing The Colour Line
18 – Perspectives From The Coalface
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