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Activity Dice: Question
Sheena Cameron and Louise Dempsey

S & L Publishing ©2020

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Question Dice are an engaging resource that encourages students to ask and answer questions. They can be used across the curriculum at all age levels, and work particularly well as a reading activity.


Fun Activity Ideas from Sheena Cameron and Louise Dempsey


1/ Character Hotseat

One student becomes a character in the text. The other students take turns to roll the dice and ask the student a question using stems on the Question Dice.

For example, for a non-fiction text about a BMX rider, using the question stem ‘Why?’ a student could ask ‘Why did you want to become a BMX rider?’

This activity encourages students to infer using information from the text and their own prior knowledge.


2/ Quick Write Activity – Collaborative Stories

Students work with a partner. They take turns to throw the dice, write down an answer to the question and  then include all the answers in a short piece of writing. For example: 

  • What?  Kicking a soccer ball
  • Where?  At the park
  • Who?  A purple monster
  • Why?  Practising for the Monster Games
  • When?  Early in the morning
  • How?  Happily





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