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Activity Dice: Detail
Sheena Cameron and Louise Dempsey

S & L Publishing ©2020

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This versatile resource encourages students to learn about the importance of adding details to their writing.  Detail Dice can be used in many fun and engaging literacy activities across all levels.

Fun Activity Ideas from Sheena Cameron and Louise Dempsey


1/ Detail Detective Race

Students take turns to throw the Detail Dice and then everyone tries to find that detail in the text.

For example: 'Hear' Detail.  'The barn owl's call echoes in the still night air.'

The student who finds the 'Hear' detail calls out 'Stop!' and reads their detail.


2/ Guess the Character

One student thinks of a book character. The other students take turns to roll the Detail Dice. They say the detail and the student says what the character might see, hear, etc. The other students try to guess the character.  

Examples for the character of Cinderella.  

  • See: A dirty floor
  • Think: I wish I could go to the ball
  • Do (Action):  Dressing her stepsisters





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