Lanky Hippo: The Moon

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The Moon
Levels 15-16 non-fiction
Kathy Ferrier
ISBN: 9780996113435

Lanky Hippo Publishing © 2020
24 pages

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The Moon we can see is Earth's moon. It is the brightest and closest thing to Earth in space. But what is the Moon?


  • Skills and knowledge: Exploring and knowing about other worlds in space helps us to value and understand more about our own world. Being curious and encouraging curiosity is essential to the nature of exploration. Applying a range of strategies and understanding what words mean helps to predict, understand and interpret text.
  • Structure: Commas help to group words in long sentences.
  • Vocabulary: High frequency words: around  because  could  through  push  pull  something  walking
  • Technical words: atmosphere  crater  energy  gravity  orbit  sky  space
  • Word endings: y   ty   sty   ly   cky   er (to compare)
  • Punctuation: comma  apostrophe  question mark
  • Science content: Moons orbit planets. The Moon is Earth’s only moon and as it is smaller than Earth gravity on the Moon is less than gravity on Earth. What it is like on the Moon? The content of the Moon's surface is photographic, with images from NASA/JSC and Unsplash, which are sometimes composited
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