Lanky Hippo: Stars

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Levels 15-16 non-fiction
Kathy Ferrier
ISBN: 9780995113428

Lanky Hippo Publishing © 2020
24 pages

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From Earth on a clear night we see stars sparkling in the sky. Why can’t we see these stars by day? What do you know about stars?


  • Skills and knowledge: Exploring space helps us to understand more about the universe. Applying a range of strategies and knowledge of sounds, and understanding what words mean helps to read, predict and interpret text. /ar/ is a digraph and makes the one quite short sound you hear in s/t/ar/. It is an ‘r controlled vowel’ sound.
  • Structure: Questions and statements are strategically placed to structure the text, to help readers anticipate and predict what to think about and read next.
  • Vocabulary: High frequency words: because  our  what  where  there  their
  • Technical words: atmosphere gravity hydrogen helium universe
  • Word endings: ing   ly  est
  • Punctuation: question mark apostrophe (possessive use of)
  • Science content: The Sun is a star. The Sun is our closest star and we see this star by day. Stars make their own light and heat.  The photographic content of the stars is from the NASA public domain and Pexels
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