Lanky Hippo: Bumblebee

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Levels 9-11 non-fiction
Kathy Ferrier
ISBN: 9780995113404

Lanky Hippo Publishing © 2020
24 pages

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What kind of animal is a bee? What do bumblebees do and why do they like flowers so much?


  • Skills and knowledge: Finding out about the unique features some animals, some insects, have and what they are able to do helps us to be aware of the important work they are doing when we see and hear them in our own environments and perhaps observe this first hand.  The cyclical nature of some animals like bumblebees and some plants featured is able to be discussed and diagrams  to show this could be created.
  • Structure: Mostly simple sentences with familiar vocabulary share information and encourage fluency to prepare for some compound and complex sentences.
  • Vocabulary: Compound words: two words joined to make, as in these words, a single word: bumblebee  everywhere  footprint
  • Technical words: pollen  nectar  buzz  seeds  fruit  hibernate
  • Punctuation: question mark  speech marks   exclamation mark  ellipsis
  • Science content: Bumblebees are attracted to flowers. They are capable of and especially suited to spreading pollen from flower to flower and in flowers, usually of the same kind. This helps plants to produce the seeds they need to for more plants to be able to grow, many of which provide food for us and other animals as well
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