Lanky Hippo: Jaguar

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Lanky Hippo L2 - Jaguar

Level 2 fiction: Book 4
Kathleen Ferrier
ISBN: 9780994119544

Lanky Hippo Publishing
Published 2015 - 20 pages

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The rainforest has a lot of rain and a lot of trees. There are a lot of animals that can make a lot of noise. The jaguar lives in this rainforest. When does the jaguar hunt and when does it sleep?


  • Skills and knowledge: Introduces the letter/sound: j; Has familiar letter/sounds: f  r  h  b  s  l
  • Structure and vocabulary: Words per page: 4-6; Familiar words: are  can; High frequency words: the  where  you; Genre: poem
  • Science content: Some animals are active at night; What kind of animals are jaguars?
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