Lanky Hippo: Alphabet Letter Cards (A4 Pack)

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Alphabet Letter Cards
Pack of 10 dual-sided cards
Kathleen Ferrier
ISBN: 9413000032383

Lanky Hippo Publishing ©2017

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Lanky Hippo ​Alphabet Letter Card Pack : 10 copies of a  full-colour, dual-sided, A4 card featuring creatures from the Lanky Hippo series.


  • Side 1: Learn to recognise and form the lower case letters first. These are the letters we mostly use when we write.
  • Side 2: As lower case letters become familiar the reverse side shows these letters paired with the upper case letters.


Learners will find it easier finding and checking high-frequency words listed here, grouped according to the number of sounds in a word. Included are some words with slightly irregular sounds.


Share information about words with learners, as they learn to write them.

For example:

  • is: has 2 sounds /i/z/. We hear /z/ and see /s/. Sometimes /s/ can have the same sound as /z/.

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