Maths Aotearoa 4a Teacher Book

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Maths Aotearoa 4a
Teacher Book
Third Edition
Charlotte Wilkinson
215 pages 

ISBN: 9780947494087

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Maths Aotearoa for the New Zealand Curriculum

Maths Aotearoa Level 4a is divided into two books, 4a and 4b. Students working at 4a already have good additive strategies. They should know their multiplication facts in order to develop efficient multiplicative strategies and begin to develop proportional reasoning. Number is extended into algebraic formulae and also used across the other strands of Geometry & Measurement, and Statistics. Students also develop their statistical thinking.


Level 4a Teacher Book

This teacher book provides the tools to plan a mathematics programme to meet the needs of all students. The book is divided into two units of work, with curriculum links and learning progression links for each unit. Each chapter identifies the concept development, key knowledge, and specific learning outcomes covered.

Teacher guidance is provided to build teacher expert content knowledge and demonstrate how to make the best use of the pages in the student book. There are assessment tasks and a record sheet for tracking individual students’ progress, as well as answers to all questions. Links to appropriate “Figure it Out” activities and Wilkie Way resources for each chapter are also included.

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Online Supplements: Download free Teacher Resources here (in preparation)


About the series: Maths Aotearoa is the new, updated edition of the well-loved and trusted Pearson Mathematics series.

All Student Books and Teacher Books are being brought up-to-date with developments in the New Zealand curriculum and include Learning Progressions for each unit, as well as concept development and key knowledge building for each chapter.


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