The GoodBye Chair - Picture Book

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The Goodbye Chair - Josephine Carson Barr - available from Edify

The GoodBye Chair 
A Nicholas Story
Josephine Carson-Barr
Illustrated by Simon Barr
Paperback: 36pp

ISBN: 9780473238636

Veritas Aotearoa Publishing ©2013

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The Goodbye Chair is the first book in the Nicholas story series.  


Nannie is feeling sad.  
She has been looking after 
Nicholas for two weeks 
and is leaving to go home. 
Nicholas who is going back to preschool, 
comes up with a plan to make Nannie 
feel happy again.


This book also includes Te Reo, NZ Sign Language and a counting game. It is set in iconic NZ Scenery and beautifully illustrated.


Also available: The GoodBye Chair - Big Book

Watch a preview of The GoodBye Chair.

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