Management for the New Zealand Construction Industry 3rd edition

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Management for the New Zealand Construction Industry 3rd Edition 
Rosemary Scofield and Suzanne Wilkinson

ISBN: 9780947494131

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The third edition of Management for the New Zealand Construction
provides a systematic and comprehensive overview of the basics
of management for students in construction and construction-related
disciplines, both in eBook and printed formats.

The text is intended as a reference for students studying degrees, diplomas and certificates in
construction management, quantity surveying, civil engineering, property,
planning and architecture. The text will be a useful reference source for
people working in management in the New Zealand construction industry
such as engineers, quantity surveyors, project managers and architects.
The book discusses the project, legal, business and sustainability challenges
that managers face in their working environments with a focus on the
way the New Zealand construction industry operates – in terms of general
management principles and their practical application.

Features of this edition of the text include:
• New Zealand sources and examples
• Learning outcomes at the beginning of each chapter to provide clear
guidance as to the focus and key instructions of each chapter
• Review questions to confirm and consolidate reader understanding
• Overview of New Zealand statutes that affect the operation of the
construction industry
• Examples of the many organisations that service the construction sector
• An extensive bibliography and useful websites

Preface vi
Acknowledgements ix

Part I: Project environment 1
Chapter 1 The project and project stages 2
Chapter 2 The players 21
Chapter 3 The products and materials 51
Chapter 4 The process documentation 67

Part II: Business environment 82
Chapter 5 Business management 83
Chapter 6 Strategic management 107
Chapter 7 Financial management and control 127
Chapter 8 Time management 141
Chapter 9 Cost management 156
Chapter 10 Quality management 181
Chapter 11 Communication management 190
Chapter 12 Human resource management 211
Chapter 13 Risk management 229
Chapter 14 Marketing management 244
Chapter 15 Professionalism and the construction industry 265
Chapter 16 Health safety and wellbeing 280
Chapter 17 Digital Built Environment 294
Chapter 18 Offsite and Modern Methods of Construction 308
Chapter 19 Asset and facilities management 320

Part III: Legal environment 337
Chapter 20 The legal system in New Zealand 338
Chapter 21 The law of contract 349
Chapter 22 Construction contracts 363
Chapter 23 Procurement systems for construction projects 386
Chapter 24 Dispute resolution processes 401
Chapter 25 Torts and negligence 414

PART IV: Sustainable Environment 424
Chapter 26 Environmental management for sustainability 425
Chapter 27 Climate change 446
Chapter 28 Developing resilience in the New Zealand construction industry. 467

Appendices 482
Appendix 1 Regulatory, professional and industry organisations 482
Appendix 2 Legislation affecting the construction business 498
Appendix 3 The New Zealand education system for construction 516
Bibliography 531

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