He Whakamārama- a full self-help course in Māori

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He Whakamārama - A full self-help course in Māori

2012 Edition
John Foster

ISBN: 9780947494858

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He Whakamārama is a full course in everyday Māori language.

Aimed at students of all ages and backgrounds, it features

- A concise but comprehensive approach in one volume

- Straightforward explanations with numerous examples

- A logical sequence to allow rapid progress

- Revision exercises to reinformce and confirm understanding

Readers are encouraged to make use of the Additional material as follows

Please click on the item and you will be directed to a site where they can be downloaded

- Oral Practice (Lesson 26 spoken by Maiki Sherman)

- Flashcards

- Audio practice set (2 audio files spoken by Philip and Titoko Whaanga)

- eBooks : He Tuhituhi Māori (a study of Māori texts by well known writers) and Ngā Kupu (grammar explained).


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