The New Zealand Macroeconomy, 2e eBook

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The New Zealand Macroeconomy
VitalSource eBook
What we measure and what it means
Second Edition 
Stephen Hickson

ISBN: 9780947494650

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Most economics books used in New Zealand are US- or Australian-based and lack much (or anything) in the way of information relating to New Zealand.

For microeconomics this is not so important, but this is not the case for macroeconomics where there are often considerable differences between different economies.

The New Zealand Macroeconomy: What we measure and what it means provides an up-to-date and concise solution, filling the ‘macroeconomy gap’ for students studying economics in the New Zealand context.

Written to be read in conjunction with existing economics texts, The New Zealand Macroeconomy: What we measure and what it means discusses core topics from the New Zealand perspective in a conversational tone that makes this book eminently readable and an invaluable resource for all introductory economics students in New Zealand.

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About the author

Stephen Hickson is a Teaching Fellow at the University of Canterbury (UC) where he teaches Principles of Macroeconomics, Environmental Economics and Economics in the Executive Development programme. Prior to lecturing full-time at UC, Stephen was at Statistics New Zealand where he worked on the national accounts (which he says are more exciting than you would expect) and the 2001 Census. In 2012 he was the recipient of a New Zealand Tertiary Teaching Excellence award. Stephen has published a range of academic research articles on economics education.

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