Beginning Chemistry

Download Free Student Resources


Supporting digital resources for students are available here

  • PowerPoint presentations suitable for use in class and student review at home, covering important practicals, animated worked examples and revision of Level 1 material.
  • Additional practice examination papers, based on NZQA papers from 2007–2010 but modified to fit the curriculum introduced for 2012.
  • Around 200 interactive Revision tasks to help students master the Key Facts and important skills for Level 2 Chemistry.
  • A printable Key facts booklet for ready reference and quick revision
  • Additional printable activities and games for fun learning, along with links to background material to help the ideas stick


Teacher Resources

Supplementary resources are available to teachers who are using Beginning Chemistry Workbook with their students.

  • Quizzes, Map of Learning Objectives, Chemistry Tech Guide, and further material on Practicals are available to assist with your teaching and planning.
  • An electronic version of the workbook for front-of-class presentation is also available on request. 


Please contact us to request access to the Teacher Resources.