Alpha Mathematics, 3e

New Edition due October! 

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Alpha Mathematics, 3rd Edition

Alpha Mathematics
Third Edition
David Barton
680 pages (approx) 

ISBN: 9780947496463

Edify Limited ©2017 - due October

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What's new?


As a key component in the only current New Zealand-written secondary mathematics series, Alpha Mathematics is rich in cross-curricular applications, which are always grounded in a New Zealand context. 

In response to teacher feedback, we have added two new features:

  • approx 80 extra exercises to provide more skills practice,
  • summary exercises at the end of each chapter to review the content.


What else is new?

  • Hundreds of new questions, puzzles and investigations to provide even more variety and interest to your lessons in class.
  • Thoroughly revised and updated throughout (GST, exchange rates, income tax etc)
  • Number: focus on the Numeracy Project and improved coverage of fractions
  • Geometry: now includes an introduction to angles on parallel lines
  • Statistics: coverage of the statistical enquiry cycle (PPDAC), and a new emphasis on data distributions, including interpreting dot plots and box plots in context (providing a seamless introduction to the way statistics is covered NCEA).
  • The chapter on probability includes activities and exercises about informal inference as well as coverage using technology (CAS, spreadsheets and applets) in a probability context.


A Write-on Workbook and an interactive Teacher Guide will be produced to accompany the material.


Contact your Edify Education Consultant for more information or to request an inspection copy on publication.