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Tigtag Primary/Middle

An award-winning STEM teaching resource for 7-11 year olds.

All you need to teach captivating lessons.    All online.   All in one place!


Stunning 3-minute science and geography films matched to your curriculum with images, games, quizzes and support materials. 

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For students aged 7-11
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Why choose Tigtag?

  • Explore quality resources – Tigtag provides the best footage so you can find what you need in seconds.
  • Engage your classroom – captivating films, quizzes and games to spark discussion and aid understanding.
  • Explain complex concepts – with clear narration and real-world examples, teaching new concepts is easy


Safe online resources – No more hours spent searching the internet for videos. No more worrying about inappropriate ads. Hundreds of short films and online resources are all just a click away.


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Tigtag Basics:

  • Curriculum and Context fIlms – stunning 3-minute films divided into curriculum and contextual examples to ensure learning objectives are met and attention is captured..
  • Interactive tidbits – 30-second films that are ideal for when attention starts to waver.
  • Practical activities – Whether you only have pens and paper or a full resource cupboard there is an activity for your class.
  • Classroom visuals – 500 classroom visuals each labelled with learning points or keywords help visualise concepts, while reinforcing them at the same time.
  • Lesson plans and ideas – Build your own lesson with our suggestions, complete with learning objectives, or start teaching straight away with a one-hour lesson plan.
  • Assessment resources – Test your students’ knowledge with our print ready Topic Quizzes, or find out how much your students already know and how much they have learnt with review questions and discussion topics.
  • Topic background – Go beyond the Curriculum and quickly bring yourself up-to-date with everything you need to know about a topic.


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Teaching younger children?  
Discover jaw-dropping science resources for ages 4–7.   Take me to Tigtag Junior >

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