Coastal Processes Contents

To the teacher 

1 Introduction – processes and phenomena, elements and interactions
The coastal environment
Defining the coast
Models of coastal systems
Beach equilibrium
Describing the coast

2 Global patterns, processes and systems
General classification of coasts
Process classification of coasts

3 Global change and global issues
Changing sea levels and a changing interface
Coral reefs
Global warming and the coast
Managing the world’s coastlines

4 New Zealand’s coastal environment
New Zealand’s unique coastline
The structure of New Zealand’s coastline
Patterns and processes affecting New Zealand’s coastline
Managing New Zealand’s coastline

5 Coasts dominated by waves – phenomena, elements and interactions
Wave theory
Wind and waves
Geomorphological phenomena and their formation 
Beach sediments

6 Coasts dominated by waves – processes
Beach processes
Dune formation

7 Coasts dominated by tides
Tidal range and processes
Tidal currents and processes
New Zealand’s estuary types
Tidal inlets
Tidal deltas  

8 Coasts dominated by river processes
Delta structure 
Delta sediments and river discharge 
The fan delta
The Canterbury coast – a braid delta system 

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