Beginning Chemistry Workbook

Table of Contents


How to get the best from your Workbook
Using chemistry knowledge

Chemistry basics
1 Atoms, elements, molecules and compounds 
2 Chemical families 
3 Equations in chemistry

Analytical chemistry
Carry out procedures to identify ions present in solution (Chemistry 2.2; AS 91162)
4 Ions in solution

Oxidation and reduction
Demonstrate understanding of oxidation-reduction (Chemistry 2.7; AS 91167)
5 Oxidation and reduction

Quantitative analysis
Carry out quantitative analysis (Chemistry 2.1; AS 91161)
6 The mole
7 Solutions 
8 Volumetric analysis

Structure, bonding and energy 
Demonstrate understanding of bonding, structure and energy changes (Chemistry 2.4; AS 91164)
9 Solids 
10 Bonding 
11 Energy changes

Organic chemistry
Demonstrate understanding of the properties of selected organic compounds (Chemistry 2.5; AS 91165)
12 Introduction to organic chemistry 
13 Hydrocarbons 
14 Alcohols, acids, haloalkanes and amines

Chemical reactivity 
Demonstrate understanding of chemical reactivity (Chemistry 2.6; AS 91166)
15 Reaction rates
16 Equilibria 
17 Acids and bases

Current technology 
Demonstrate understanding of the chemistry used in the development of a current technology (Chemistry 2.3; AS 91163)

Ions you need to know 
Periodic table of elements