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Beginning Physics Workbook, 3e

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Beginning Physics, author Anna Cox. Buy online from Edify

Beginning Physics Workbook
NCEA Level 2
Third Edition
Anna Cox & Chris Smaill

ISBN: 9780947496630

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This new, third edition of Beginning Physics Workbook has been fully updated for the New Zealand Curriculum and the most recent NCEA Achievement Standards (Level 2).

It is a comprehensive resource designed to support your classroom and laboratory work, homework and your revision needed for the year.


Features include:

  • learning objectives to focus student study
  • easy-to-read notes covering all the key content areas of Level 2 Physics
  • write-on space so students can add their own notes and definitions as required
  • a wide variety of question types to allow practice of a range of problem-solving skills
  • questions for discussion to encourage application of physical principles
  • practical activities containing all the essential experiments students need to do, which build to form an ideal record for revision at the end of the year.


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Supporting student digital resources are available download here


About the authors:

Anna Cox has spent over 25 years in the classroom years as a physics and mathematics educator at various levels: secondary school, university foundation school, and college of education. She has produced numerous physics and mathematics resources including textbooks, workbooks and on-line learning modules. Currently, as well as raising her family, she spends her summers surfing, winters skiing and runs all year round.

Dr Chris Smaill enjoyed teaching high-school physics and mathematics for 27 years, most recently as Head of Physics at Rangitoto College, New Zealand's largest secondary school. During this time he set and marked national examinations, and trained high-school teachers. He also lectured for 14 years in the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Auckland. His physics textbooks have been successfully published for more than 30 years. Currently, he finds retirement affords him more time for family, reading, on- and off-road cycling, and adventure travel.