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Geography 3.4, 3e

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Geography 3.4 
Demonstrate understanding of a given environment(s) through 
the selection and application of geographic concepts and skills
Third Edition
Jane Evans and Cheryl Osborne

ISBN: 9780947496418

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Thoroughly  updated plus new case studies on Rarotonga, The Rena Disaster, and Climate Change and Biodiversity.


Geography 3.4 is a practical resource to help students pass NCEA Geography Achievement Standard 3.4 ‘Demonstrate understanding of a given environment(s) through the selection and application of geographic concepts and skills’.

The first part of the text builds on the geographic skills developed in Geography 1.4 and Geography 2.4, and the second part features a series of case studies that help students exercise these skills in a particular context. 


Geography 3.4 features a wide range of activities, cartoons, photographs and case studies covering: 

  • Key Geographic Concepts 
  • Geographic writing 
  • Constructing and interpreting maps 
  • Constructing graphs and tables 
  • Making value judgements 
  • Using diagrams 
  • Analysing and interpreting data 
  • Statistical mapping 


The book also includes: 

  • A full-colour supplement of topographical maps and photo resources 
  • A complete answer section which can be removed 


The activities broaden students’ understanding of geographic concepts and incorporate higher-level thinking skills appropriate at this level, such as the evaluation and justification of specific issues. Case studies include Rarotonga, The Aral Sea, Energy in New Zealand, The Rena Disaster and Climate Change and Biodiversity. 


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About the authors 

Jane Evans is HOD Social Sciences at Takapuna Grammar School. 

Cheryl Osborne taught Geography in New Zealand for 15 years before moving overseas. She is currently HOF Individuals and Societies at Discovery College in Hong Kong. 


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