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Geography 1.4, 4e

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Geography 1.4, 4e

Geography 1.4 
Apply concepts and basic geography skills
Fourth Edition
Jane Evans and Cheryl Osborne

ISBN: 9780947496395

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Geography 1.4 is a practical resource to help you pass the Geography 1.4 Achievement Standard: apply concepts and basic geographic skills to demonstrate understanding of a given environment.


A wide range of activities, covering:

  • Natural and cultural features; maps and mapping skills
  •  Map symbols; direction; distance; scale; grid references; measuring area
  • Précis maps; contour lines; drawing a cross section; relationships and patterns; latitude and longitude
  • Weather maps and choropleth maps
  • Tables and graphs
  • Photographs and cartoons
  • Values and viewpoints
  • Field sketches and research skills
  • Geographic Key Concepts and Māori terms
  • Practice in concise and accurate writing

The book contains full-colour topographical maps, as well as a full answer section which can be removed for assessment purposes.

Thoroughly updated plus a new case study on Hong Kong Airport. 

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Errata: March 2021

Unfortunately, the latest print run has omitted Map M2 - Whakatane. We are in the process of correcting this issue. In the meantime you can download and print a pdf of the page from here.


About the authors

Jane Evans is HOF Social Sciences at Takapuna Grammar School in Auckland.

Cheryl Osborne is an experienced teacher of Geography in both New Zealand and overseas. She is currently HOF Humanities at Discovery College, Hong Kong.