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Beginning Chemistry Workbook, 4e

Now available. Updated to reflect changes to Achievement Standards 2.1 and 2.2.

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Beginning Chemistry Workbook, Fourth Edition
A complete Workbook/Revision Package for NCEA Level 2 Chemistry
Anne Wignall & Terry Wales 
(with Rachel Heeney & Gina O'Sullivan)

ISBN: 9780947494162

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New to this edition - all new material for: 

  • 2.1 Carry out a practical investigation into a substance present in a consumer product using quantitative analysis;
  • 2.2 Carry out an investigation into chemical species present in a sample using qualitative analysis.


Beginning Chemistry Workbook is your complete package for NCEA Level 2 Chemistry. This fun and easy-to read workbook features:

  • Background notes and explanations – not too concise, not too wordy
  • Formative Test yourself questions with fully worked answers
  • Plain-language Key learning outcomes
  • Examination-style Review questions with fully worked answers and NCEA style AME marking schedule
  • Write-on Practicals covering all essential reactions and procedures for Level 2 Chemistry
  • Practice NCEA-style examination papers for the three externally assessed standards.

The concise notes are clearly written, with the important ideas highlighted and a wealth of diagrams and photos illustrating the concepts – Chemistry has never been easier to learn!

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Supporting digital resources are available here:

  • PowerPoint shows suitable for use in class and student review at home, covering important practicals, animated worked examples and revision of Level 1 material.
  • Additional practice examination papers, based on NZQA papers from 2007–2010 but modified to fit the curriculum introduced for 2012.
  • Around 200 interactive Revision tasks to help students master the Key Facts and important skills for Level 2 Chemistry.
  • A printable Key facts booklet for ready reference and quick revision
  • Additional printable activities and games for fun learning, along with links to background material to help the ideas stick
  • Password-protected Quizzes for teachers to use in the classroom


Developed by Anne Wignall and Terry Wales, and newly updated and expanded by Rachel Heeney and Gina O’Sullivan, Beginning Chemistry Workbook provides the reading and practice New Zealand students need to succeed.


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