Rapid Reading International Online Subscription

Includes online eBooks for all Rapid Reading Stages 1-6 and Starter levels texts plus activities, teacher resources and more! RA 5.0-8.5 years.

Looking for Rapid Reading print resources?

Visit the Pearson New Zealand website to find print resources and buy online or contact us to place your order.


How to place an order for Rapid Reading International Online Subscription


Follow the steps below or contact your Edify Education Consultant for assistance



Step 1  Identify which Annual Subscription tier your school/class size matches:

  • Small: Fewer than 100 pupils

  • Medium: 100-299 pupils

  • Large: 300-499 pupils


Step 2  Choose the Rapid Reading Online products you want access to. These can also be found under the Subscription Options section on this product page.

  • Rapid Reading International Online Subscription Small - ISBN:  9780435166311

  • Rapid Reading International Online Subscription Medium - ISBN:  9780435166304

  • Rapid Reading International Online  Subscription Large -  ISBN: 9780435166298

Step 3  Complete the online International Digital Subscription Order Form and and Pearson UK will be in direct email contact to setup access for you. 


What’s in Rapid Reading Online?

An online version of the highly successful Rapid Readingliteracy programme, for children who struggle to learn or have special education needs. 

Children can read books, learn through an engaging interactive environment and work independently.

Subscriptions to Rapid Reading Online are available for all school sizes and include:

  • 224 fiction and non-fiction eBooks (all Stages 1-6 and Starter levels texts)

  • Read to me, click to prompt read and record features

  • Comprehension, fluency and vocabulary activities and rewards

  • Reporting including pupil profile and RAG scores...

... all in one easy to manage online platform!