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The New Zealand Chef, 4e

Table of Contents


In The New Zealand Chef, 4e

List of feature recipes


Measurements used in this book


CHAPTER   1   The workplace – Te wahi mahi

CHAPTER   2   Methods of cookery – Tikanga whakamaoa

CHAPTER   3   Basic preparations – Whakareri

CHAPTER   4   Larder (Garde-manger) – Kai mātao

CHAPTER   5  Salads – Manga mata

CHAPTER   6   Hot finger food, savouries – Kai maihao, mākarakara

CHAPTER   7   Stocks, essences and glazes – Hā mōhinuhinu

CHAPTER   8   Sauces – Kīnaki

CHAPTER   9   Soups – Hupa

CHAPTER 10  Eggs – Hēki

CHAPTER 11  Pasta and dumplings – Parāoa rimurapa, parāoa kinikini

CHAPTER 12  Rice, grains and pulses – Raihi, pata

CHAPTER 13  Fish and shellfish – Ika, kai moana

CHAPTER 14  Poultry and game birds – Ngā manu heihei

CHAPTER 15  Introduction to meat – Mīti whakamōhiotanga

CHAPTER 16  Lamb, hogget and mutton – Mīti reme, mīti hipi

CHAPTER 17  Beef and veal – Mīti kau, punua kau

CHAPTER 18  Pork, bacon and ham – Poaka, pēkana

CHAPTER 19  Game meat – Mīti puihi

CHAPTER 20  Offal – Mīti puka

CHAPTER 21  Vegetables – Hua whenua

CHAPTER 22  Potatoes – Rīwai

CHAPTER 23  Pastries, baking and desserts – Pēkena, purini

CHAPTER  24  Bread and other yeast goods – Parāoa, īhi 

CHAPTER 25  Preserves – Whakapounamutia

CHAPTER 26  Commodities – Taonga hoko

CHAPTER 30  Menu planning


APPENDIX A New Zealand metric measurement

APPENDIX B Hospitality industry support organisations and qualification bodies

APPENDIX C Vegetable and fruit availability



NZQA Unit Standards by level and number                        

City and Guilds certificate and diploma units                                                  



In The New Zealand Chef Interactive Study Guide:

CHAPTER 27  Food costing

CHAPTER 28  Stock control

CHAPTER 29  Nutrition

CHAPTER 30  Menu planning

Plus study material for Chapters 1–26