Maths Aotearoa 2b Student Book

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Maths Aotearoa 2b
Student Book
Third Edition
Charlotte Wilkinson
208 pages 

ISBN: 9780947496890

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Maths Aotearoa for the New Zealand Curriculum

This book is the second of two books for students working at Level 2 of the Mathematics and Statistics Curriculum.

It helps students to learn more ways to solve problems using their basic facts and place-value knowledge. Students are expected to think additively and they are assisted to look at mathematics in a multiplicative way across all strands.

Mathematics is all about solving problems and not about doing pages of sums, so this book provides plenty of opportunity for students to put their mathematical knowledge to work in real contexts across all the strands.

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About the series:

Maths Aotearoa is the new, updated edition of the well-loved and trusted Pearson Mathematics series.

All Student Books and Teacher Books are being brought up-to-date with developments in the New Zealand curriculum and include Learning Progressions for each unit, as well as concept development and key knowledge building for each chapter along with:

  • More teacher professional content knowledge building
  • Figure it Out links added to each chapter throughout the Teacher Books
  • Wilkie Way support material for each chapter
  • Learning outcomes are shared in student language for each chapter in the Student Books.



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New, Updated Edition - due October