COVID-19 Response: New Zealand is now at Alert Level 4 and all non-essential business is closed until at least April 30. Edify is not able to fulfill any physical orders that are pending or placed during this period. We strongly encourage you to consider our vast array of DIGITAL PRODUCTS which we are able to supply and support through this period.

Adrian Keane - Edify Chief Executive

Adrian Keane

Chief Executive
T 09 972 9870 ext 704

Ingeborg Keane - Edify Chief Operating Officer

Ingeborg Keane

Chief Operating Officer

Mark Skinner - Edify Customer Services Manager

Mark Skinner

Customer Services Manager
E or

T 09 972 9428

Irene Agar - Edify Company Accountant

Irene Agar

Business Manager
T 09 972 9428 ext 702

Zooey Neumann - Edify Content Development

Zooey Neumann

Content Development & Marketing Support
T 09 972 9428 ext 716

Mitchell Laverick - Edify Marketing & Sales Support

Mitchell Laverick

Marketing & Sales Support
T 09 972 9876 ext 717

Fiona Harrison - Edify Marketing Systems Executive

Fiona Harrison

Marketing Systems Executive
T 09 972 9428 ext 719