Bud-e Reading Teacher's Guide

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Bud-e Reading: Teacher's Guide
Jill Eggleton
ISBN: 9781927307878
48 pp

Global Ed ©2018

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Stepping into the Reading World

"I am convinced that Bud-e is a most valuable resource to support the complex processes of literacy learning for most children." 

Dr Libby Limbrick, Dip Tchg, MA 
(Hons), PhD, University of Auckland, Faculty of Education, Auckland, NZ. 

"This is the missing piece for kindergarten classrooms that allows the literacy teaching to continue even when we can't be sitting right next to each student!" 

LeeAnna Rabine
Teacher, Hawthorne Elementary, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA. 


Bud-e Reading Teacher's Guide

Table of Contents

  • Introduction 

  • Components of Bud-e Reading 

  • Read Aloud - Out of Bubblo 

  • Guided Reading - Bud-e Books 

  • Independent Activity - Bud-e Creative 

  • Shared Reading - Bud-e Poems 

  • Alphabetic Code - Bubblo Bop 

  • Bud-e App 

  • Bud-e Bookshelf 

  • Using Bud-e Reading 

  • Summary 

  • Assessing Progress 

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