Edify Digital Terms & Conditions

  1. Minimum System Requirements. Edify has endeavoured to make this product available across as many devices and operating systems as possible. However, if your device or operating system is not a recent release we cannot guarantee that the Edify Digital app will function as intended.  If you are unsure, please contact us to arrange a trial. View Minimum System Requirements here.

  2. There is no rollover for unused subscriptions so please ensure you purchase only the number required. Refunds will not be issued for unused subscriptions.

  3.  Subscriptions last only within the calendar year purchased for (ending December 31st). Subscriptions can be pre-purchased for coming years but will not activate until January 1st of that year.

  4. Subscriptions are non-transferable. Only the student/email address each subscription has been assigned to can access content.

  5. Your Edify Digital Account set-up and access will take two business days. Please make sure you plan ahead to avoid disappointment.

  6. For a single class, a teacher subscription is free with 20+ student subscriptions. For full school adoption the number of free teacher subscriptions will be decided by Edify. (If you do not have the minimum number of students please feel free to contact Edify on 0508 332 665.)

  7. Schools: One teacher (preferably the purchaser) will be your School Admin (Edify will also have administrator access to assist with any issues). Other users will be assigned a teacher or student Annual Subscription as required.

  8. Purchasing for self-study? Admin rights and 1 x Teacher Annual Subscription will be supplied instead of a Student Annual Subscription. 

After purchase Edify will  contact the Purchaser/Admin to arrange access. An excel spreadsheet is available for download or will be provided to expedite the subscription distribution process for bulk code purchases.

  1. Digital Annual Subscriptions are only available for purchase from Edify Limited.  Buy online, contact your Edify Education Consultant or Customer Services to place your order.

  2. Please also check out the general Edify Terms and Conditions of purchase here.