Currently available for Windows® and Apple® computers, iPad® and Android™ tablets and Chromebooks. The interactive and engaging content also functions offline. 


Student features:

  • All the textbook and related workbook content in one place

  • Independent study with self-check answers for the textbook parts

  • Teacher feedback and grading option for the workbook content

  • Links back to explanations if you need help

  • Sounding board for peer-to-peer and student-teacher communication

  • Progress report page to keep track of your learning

  • Drawing, graphing, measuring, formula and text tools

  • Highlighting and notetaking tools for customisation

  • Ability to work offline and sync later when online 

  • Sync your work across multiple devices


Additional features for Teachers: 

  • Embedded inline teaching notes 

  • Supplementary teacher resources for easy download

  • Ability to view and grade workbook page submissions

  • Workbook answers available as inline teacher notes for ease of marking

  • Gradebook gives overview of student work and progress (for workbook pages only)

  • Grading and reviewing can be done offline, sync later when online


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