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Alpha Mathematics Digital

Alpha Mathematics Digital
Interactive Textbook & Workbook combined
David Barton

ISBN: ​​9780947496340

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What’s in Alpha Mathematics Digital?

Edify Digital brings you a whole new way of doing maths in New Zealand!

The interactive eWorkbook, accessed via the Edify Digital app, includes all the Year 9 Alpha Mathematics textbook and related workbook content by trusted New Zealand maths author David Barton.

  • Download the modules as required (Number, Algebra, Measurement, Geometry, Statistics)

  • Read the explanations and worked examples - and then try the exercises yourself. The self-check function will tell you if you have it right

  • Submit your answers for the workbook questions to your teacher for review and feedback

  • Collaborative learning, instant feedback, links back to the explanation if you’re ever stumped

  • and much more ...


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