Beagle - tracking success

A complete cloud-based solution supporting New Zealand schools to:


  • Raise student achievement and close the gap

  • Use assessment data to drive instruction

  • Save time in analysing and interpreting results

  •  Identify students who meet the criteria for SAC applications

beagle - tracking success

Beagle - tracking success

Created by New Zealand teachers for teachers with a passion for improving best practice.

Beagle identifies gaps in student achievement and supports schools through strategic planning to close the gap.

Track student achievement at the click of a button, anytime, anywhere and drill down to specific gaps in learning - at a glance.

Easy to use, affordable and functional on any device at any time

Beagle - tracking success

A complete solution for raising achievement for all learners, beagle uses a proven approach that empowers schools to improve educational outcomes. 

Beagle gives teachers the knowledge, time and tools to inform their teaching practice


  • Quickly and easily import and edit data from any student management system

  • Directly enter raw score data and automatically calculate standardised scores

  • Store and track multiple data entries for any assessment tool to show progress over time

Results and Analysis

  • Instantly profile student teaching and learning needs

  • Consistently interpret results by eliminating variable teacher knowledge

  • Track progress for target groups

  • Quickly and visually identify students at risk

Student Insights

  • Generate a detailed student analysis report showing progress over time

  • Use proactively displayed Individual student insights to explicitly teach gaps in learning

  • Instantly report detailed progress over time to parents, on any device

  • Add qualitative comments when appropriate


Instructional Planning

  • See consolidated and prioritised specific skills requiring instruction using all assessment items

  •  At a glance, see which students need differentiated tiers of instruction

  • Save teachers time by using Instructional Planning to target quick and effective teaching responses


Reports & Graphs

  • Compare mean, median and range scores in all assessments to determine areas of strength and weakness

  • Compare the range in scores to determine areas requiring attention to close the gap

  • Calculate student achievement results for your reporting requirements

  • Dynamically measure effect size shifts to track value added in year groups and classes


  • Measure and track student achievement for school, year group or class

  • Dynamically track progress showing start and current status as well as target

  • Suggested targets can be edited to suit school and needs


Strategic Planning

  • Write a School Policy using the RTI framework

  • Develop a School Recognition Plan

  • Develop a School Response Plan

  • Develop a School Action Plan using the action-research model

Beagle - tracking success

"We believe that this exciting new development will support schools to close the gap in student achievement while also tracking school progress in reaching those goals throughout each year.

Motueka South School has enjoyed working in partnership with the ‘beagle’ developers and our management team is proud to recommend ‘beagle’ to all schools."

Michael Harrison, Principal, Motueka South School